Table Talkers - Break the Ice and Promote Your Business on any Table
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Table Talkers

Get Pricing & MoreStanding room only! Table talkers will dress up any flat surface with their catchy visuals and messages.

Many print and promotional products are designed to attract a passer-by at top speed or to draw their attention to a quick message before they move on to something else. Table talkers, also known as table tents, have the unique advantage of occupying the mind during long waits. These ‘boredom busters’ can educate or entertain your visitors or customers, plus may encourage an additional purchase or action.

Here are a few scenarios:

Waiting rooms: from repair shops to doctor’s offices, your customers are waiting. A table talker can highlight a new product offering, a new service, or even a new business location.

Restaurants: before, during or after the order, a table talker can entice with scrumptious images of platters, desserts or drink offerings, silently encouraging your patrons to try something new.

Hotels: provide your visitors with information on local attractions, eateries, services, or events. Does your hotel coordinate with conferences? Offer parking information, related discounts or resource information for attendees.

Banquets, organizations, events: these settings get busy fast. Provide information about speakers and topics, goals and motivation for the events, even table markers for guests.

What setting do you have?

TableTalker-Lion-Shadows-500pxLarge venues, fundraising events, or local shops, table tents are the tough recruits that will get the job done.

  • durable 30 mil plastic material
  • easy to ship, easy to set up, easy to clean up
  • plenty of surface area to capture the attention of patrons and visitors
  • horizontal and vertical options suit the surface and the setting you’ve got in mind
  • easily customizable with various shapes and sizes

Additional possibilities:

  • Invite customers to visit a website or your social media sites
  • For a little extra oomph: include a discount or sales offer to measure your results
  • Include a QR code to entice further interaction

Ready to add a table talker to your promotional plan? Need ideas to get started? The graphic design team at Electro Image LLC is the ideal starting place. We’ll listen to your ideas and create a distinctive design to enhance your branding. You’ll receive low-cost yet high-quality service and products for your overall success.

Want to learn more? Visit our blog for ideas and inspiration or call us for more information.

Keep your customers informed with table tents from Electro Image LLC. They’ll stand tall and keep on talking!



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