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Custom Printed Yard Signs


Rain Or Shine, Yard Signs Stand Tall to Deliver Your Message and Build Brand Recognition

Providing directions, supporting a sports team or a candidate, or announcing the return of military personnel, yard signs get the job done. They’re not afraid of competition and stand proud at any corner, sidewalk or high-traffic areas.

Yard signs are one of the most versatile promotional products available for a wide range of audiences. Take a look:


Contractors, Builders, Landscaping Services—show passers-by your team in action. Your sign is with you during the before-during-and after process, with contact information available at a quick glance.

Real Estate—the favorite advertising medium for real estate agents and companies, these signs announce properties For Sale, For Rent or Lease and announce open house events. The public knows to look for specific yard signs when looking for properties—make sure your sign is ready for the crowd.

Retail & Restaurants—got a one-day only special? 2-for-1 sale? How about a new product or service? Yard signs are a quick way to draw attention without extensive planning or expense.

Other Business-related opportunities

  • Get Pricing & MoreRibbon-cuttings
  • Grand openings
  • Corporate gatherings

Political Awareness

A long-time favorite for political events and campaigns, yard signs have many applications. From name recognition, identifying polling locations, rallying support for election issues or awareness for specific proposals, yard signs are the chosen method. Get yours ready for the next election!

Schools, Community Awareness, Religious Organizations

  • Announce the next PTA meeting
  • Highlight an upcoming civic center picnic
  • Introduce a youth group event


  • Yard or estate sales
  • Birthday party announcements
  • Support a returning soldier or military branch
  • product parties such as candles, cookware, storage, and others
  • lemonade stands
  • neighborhood parties
  • car washes, bake sales and craft bazaars

…the list goes on! A yard sign is the easiest way to spread the word.

These weather-warriors endure any outdoor condition for the life of your event—and often longer. Our yard signs come with reliable features to accomplish any task you have in mind:

  • corrugated structure
  • one- or two-sided printing with full-color
  • 4mil or 10mil thickness
  • available in sizes 12”x18” up to 42”x48” and any size in between
  • step-stakes included
  • low per-unit cost—helpful for large orders!

Now that we’ve got your creative juices stirring, contact the creative team at Electro Image LLC to design the ideal logos and images to make your event a winner. Count on us to deliver:

  • personal attention
  • timely delivery
  • greater outcomes for your project

What ideas can you think of? Call us to learn more, to answer questions or provide a quote.

Ready and reliable, yard signs are ready to pull in the crowd!


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