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SUPPLY: a willingness and ability to offer goods and services for sale; the act of filling a want or needpress-sheet

  • Your audience demands your time and attention; your business requires the services that satisfy your audience’s needs.
  • Printing, design work and direct mail are necessities but are time-consuming tasks for the business owner.

At Electro Image LLC, we’ll supply you with the professional business services you and your audience demand:

Commercial Printing

With the wide assortment of products and options to choose from, your marketing, advertising and communication strategies will make a powerful impression and strengthen your brand.

  • Traditional printing services: what every business needs to be a business
  • Promotional printing services: unique items that help you stand out from the crowd
  • Custom printing services: any idea, order size or special request, we’ll tackle your project with precision and flair

Graphic Design

Give your business character and establish your identity with professional images and art from our experienced graphic designers.

  • Ad design: print or online, we’ll create an appealing ad that enhances your message.
  • Logo design: the most memorable visual for your business—don’t open shop without it!
  • Brochure design: anywhere you go a brochure is a great ‘leave-behind’ item.

Direct Mail Services

Our services wouldn’t be complete without a direct mailing system to support your products and needs.graphic-designer

  • Our Direct Mail program supports and enhances your brand and marketing campaign
  • Our Midwest location means our prices won’t bust the budget
  • Most products delivered in under a week

No need to chase these services when Electro Image LLC supplies them for you!

What you can expect from Electro Image LLC:

  • Excellent quality
  • Fast turn-around
  • personalized customer service
  • Easy and convenient online ordering process
  • Reliable & cost-efficient shipping to the St. Louis metro area or nationwide

And we don’t stop there! If fundraising is on your agenda, our Fundraising Resource Center has the products and services you need for a winning campaign.

Visit our blog for ideas and news or call Rick for more information.

Rely on Electro Image LLC to supply you with the quality and creativity that you and audience demand.


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