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Using creative graphic design to enhance your marketing strategy is something you should be thinking about for the New Year ahead. And if you’re still one who doesn’t think print marketing isn’t relevant in the era of digital marketing, you haven’t been reading statistics. It’s true that in the first decade of when digital marketing hit its stride, it seemed like every business paid attention to digital marketing more than print. However, that isn’t really true since print has never gone away.

If there have been ups and downs in print marketing during the digital era, many businesses have realized print still manages to capture people as much, or more, as digital marketing does.

LinkedIn has written recently about how print marketing is still as viable as ever, if even besting marketing online. For those still incredulous to this, consider many of the reasons print marketing does so well is based on a deeper psychological effect that many might not detect until later.

How Does Print Marketing Affect Us Psychologically?

404_06The senses are usually enhanced with print marketing because it’s something tangible rather than just being viewed on a computer or smartphone screen. Our brains are wired as such where we’re more apt to familiarize something we touch. In that regard, memory is very important when you do advertising elsewhere. Your logo, business title, or a particular branding image will stay in a ones memory and trigger a response through additional advertising at a later date.

In comparing, digital marketing is so ephemeral and can easily be forgotten over the long term. That’s especially true in email marketing and pop-up ads that tend to get sent to people’s spam folders or blocked online.

Through the aid of memory, you also have the concept of surprise in someone even seeing printed marketing materials. In today’s time, many people don’t expect to see print marketing through direct mail as much as they used to. When they receive a beautifully printed color brochure in the mail or see a captivating printed brochure handed out to them, they’re going to be impressed at the amount of creativity put into the marketing materials.

A standout-marketing piece will always be appreciated for its art while having something to read and assimilate. The percentage of being viewed is also higher since many people will take printed direct mail pieces and place them on desks or file away to look at later.

Then you have the more personal side that can be incorporated into printed marketing for an even more powerful effect.

Incorporating Personalization in Print Marketing

With personalization between company and customer a large factor in today’s business, it’s worth adding this touch to all your print marketing in the coming year. Not only will the quality of the marketing materials be outstanding, but also, a customer seeing your company name printed helps bring a closer connection to the people who make you profitable every day. This can help tremendously in customer loyalty.

What we have discussed can also be applied to product packaging for a business, an area where printed graphics always need to be utilized. It is to be stressed that e-mail and online marketing should be used in conjunction with printed marketing through direct mail, point-of-purchase and face-to-face meetings. All of these elements, when used in concert together, create an effective advertising campaign.

Contact us and we can get started planning your marketing materials, as you need them. We’ll help you kick off the New Year with a fresh perspective on a campaign that is truly the most effective.

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